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How to deal with a bankrupt company in Singapore?

Dealing with accumulating debts and struggling to pay can be a painful and costly affair, and we have encountered many clients who face seemingly insurmountable liabilities.

Not sure how to deal with bankrupt company in Singapore? Our professional consultants at Acres Advisory will be able to guide you through on how to close bankrupt company in Singapore.

Close down bankrupt company in Singapore Voluntarily by its shareholders

Closing down a bankrupt company in Singapore can be imposed by a court order or voluntarily initiated by the company’s shareholders. There are two types of voluntary dissolution for unsuccessful companies – Member Voluntary Liquidation and Creditor Voluntary Liquidation.

For both cases, a professional liquidator must be appointed to settle all the necessary administrative works to close bankrupt company in Singapore swiftly. The appointed liquidator will then seize and realize the company’s assets and pay off the company’s debts and liabilities with the proceeds.

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