Receivers & Managers

In the situation where a loan is secured by a debenture and the lender wishes to protect his interests, our professionals have the expertise to be appointed receivers to maximize returns for the lender.

Receivership is a legal process where an external party is appointed to sell or safeguard the assets of a company or business. The external party is called a Receiver if the role is simply to sell assets, or a Receiver and Manager if the role is extended to managing and trading a business.

Acres Advisory has a team of proficient and qualified professionals who are able to provide highly specialized solutions to even the most complex receivership cases.

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Judicial Management

Judicial management is a form of debt restructuring which allows a company under financial distress a temporary solution of being shielded from legal proceedings by third-parties, giving it the opportunity to rehabilitate through debt restructuring.

Acres Advisory helps companies resolve their insolvency or insolvent situation with an added grace period of time from their creditors.

There are many other methods of debt restructuring if you need advice on whether your company will benefit from being placed under judicial management, get in touch with us today. 


Scheme of Arrangements

A scheme of arrangement is an agreement, between a company in financial distress and its creditors, to assist the company to fulfill its debt obligations. This works by restructuring the company’s debts and varying creditors’ rights

The scheme is subject to the Court’s supervision and sanction. This means that a scheme will be binding on all creditors if the Court approves of it – even if not all the creditors approve of the scheme

Acres Advisory can provide guided assistance to your Company to come up with a proposed settlement plan with all the creditors. For professional advice, please contact us today!

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